The Bartender’s Handshake is a blog that aims to make the world of craft bartending accessible and interesting to the home cocktail enthusiast. It distills the expertise of people who have worked in the industry for years into simple, accessible, informational posts by offering lessons, tips, advice, reviews, comparative drink recipes, and much more.

The site is the brainchild and labor of love of Nathan Robertson.

Nathan has several years of bartending experience that have culminated in his current position in a busy 139-seat, underground, speakeasy-style craft cocktail and wine bar. Along the way he has learned directly from master bartender Raffi Jergerian and, through seminars, from industry titans like Dale DeGroff and David Wondrich, as well as indirectly, through books and videos, from past and current experts in the field such as “The Professor” Jerry Thomas, Dave Arnold, and Jeffrey Morgenthaler, to name a few.

All photos on this site were taken by Nathan Robertson, Ty Fulcher of Social, or PHOCO unless otherwise attributed.