Lesson 1: Bartending Overview

Lesson 2.1: The Bartender's Kit: Jiggers and Measuring Devices
Lesson 2.2: The Bartender's Kit: Mixing Vessels
Lesson 2.3: The Bartender's Kit: Strainers
Lesson 2.4: The Bartender's Kit: Other Essential Tools
Lesson 2.5: The Bartender's Kit: Optional Tools

Lesson 3.1: Glassware: Beer Glasses
Lesson 3.2: Glassware: Stemware
Lesson 3.3: Glassware: Tumblers and Chimney-style Glasses
Lesson 3.4: Glassware: Other Serving Vessels

Lesson 4.1: Ingredients: Ice
Lesson 4.2: Ingredients: Fruit Juices
Lesson 4.3: Ingredients: Sweeteners
Lesson 4.4: Ingredients: Bitters
Lesson 4.5: Ingredients: Eggs
Lesson 4.6: Ingredients: Other Ingredients

Lesson 5.1: Bartending Techniques: Measuring Ingredients
Lesson 5.2: Bartending Techniques: To Shake or To Stir? That Is the Question
Lesson 5.3: Bartending Techniques: Shaking
Lesson 5.4: Bartending Techniques: Short Shaking and Dry Shaking
Lesson 5.5: Bartending Techniques: Stirring
Lesson 5.6: Bartending Techniques: Muddling
Lesson 5.7: Bartending Techniques: Building and Rolling
Lesson 5.8: Bartending Techniques: Choosing a Serving Glass
Lesson 5.9: Bartending Techniques: Straining
Lesson 5.10: Bartending Techniques: Garnishing

Lesson 6.1: Advanced Techniques: Free Pouring
Lesson 6.2: Advanced Techniques: Cutting Ice Balls and Gems
Lesson 6.3: Advanced Techniques: Shaker Tin Whipped Cream

Lesson 7.1: Cocktail Creation: Flavor Matching
Lesson 7.2: Cocktail Creation: Proportions
Lesson 7.3: Cocktail Creation: Balance
Lesson 7.4: Cocktail Creation: Creation Methods

Lesson 8.1: Behind the Bar: Cost of the Home Bar
Lesson 8.2: Behind the Bar: Setting up the Home Bar
Lesson 8.3: Behind the Bar: Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
Lesson 8.4: Behind the Bar: Staying Healthy
Lesson 8.5: Behind the Bar: Hospitality and Service
Lesson 8.6: Behind the Bar: Bartender Accreditations

Lesson 9.1: Making Booze: Fermentation, Beer
Lesson 9.2: Making Booze: Fermentation, Wine
Lesson 9.3: Making Booze: Distillation Part 1
Lesson 9.4: Making Booze: Distillation Part 2
Lesson 9.5: Making Booze: Imparting Flavors into Spirits, Maceration, Infusion, Distilation

Lesson 10.1: Bar Terminology

Lesson 11.1: General Cocktail History
Lesson 11.2: Cocktail Taxonomy